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Good Morning all,
I do appreciate to be part of this forum. As a staff of Soraya's mission in Nigeria every day we come in contact of people who are in need of food, shelter, clothing and those that can not pay for their hospital bills.
Thank God for the life of the visionary for responding vividly.
From Matt Ogbe  
Is good to show appreciation towards the help an individual receiving, is fortunate that we're able to offer helping hand.

Life is what we make of it... Depends on the individual need. If you expect too much in life then you'll have to work hard to get it; nothing comes easy in this world, without putting hard work into it. That's life for you! We should always appreciate what we've got because, sometimes we human take things for granted. That's why we experiences difficulty so, is better to be grateful than being ungrateful. Thank God for the gift of life... This is what we should be practicing when waken up everyday from sleep, thanking God for your life.

Thank you sorayas mission charity organization for your compassion and understanding the need of the widows, orphans and the society at large and reaching out a helping hand, i am honored, excited and grateful to be part of this forum.

Ogugua Rhoda.
With a heart full of joy am glad to be part of this great  forum of reaching out to humanity in rendering assistances to the less privilege's in our society and communities with the help of God.

Blessing Atawodi